When you were a kid, what was your answer for what are you going to be when you grow up? My immediate answer was always an Artist. I had it all figured out. Somewhere along the way life happened and I took a more responsible path. The artistic fire never went away and I found a gift and passion for photography. It started with my father teaching me the fundamentals of photography and then on to studies at different institutes. I started to win awards and loved the competition. I was awarded Photographer of the Year in 2009 by Photo Venture in Indiana. My passion has only grown!
Now what is my answer to that age old question . . . what else but an Artist of course! Maybe the end result is a little different than my original vision as a wide eyed child but I feel I found the correct artistic outlet. Now that you know where I come from, I want you to know that I want to make your photographs a work of art. I’m always interested in trying something unique with you in mind. My goal is to find a way to bring out your spirit through a capture of you in that one instant in time and space to be remembered forever. Let me create something for you to always be proud of, as well as myself. This all becomes a very personal endeavor. I want your ideas and visions, because this is about you.
That’s why I chose the name Limelight Photography. I think you, the client, deserves to be in the limelight. Now let’s go create some art!